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Feb 5, 2016

Wedding Preparations

Here we are, just a little over a week away from the big day! Can you believe it?

Teach and I played basketball tonight and she kept saying, "Now I can't have any injuries, I'm getting married next week." Then a huge grin. It's definitely coming fast. I thought you might want to see some of the things we (OK, mostly Drama Queen) have been trying to put together for the wedding.

We have several different ideas for the table decorations including some beautiful wood circles sent from Twiz's mom and dad. So Drama Queen was practicing different ways we could set things up. The flowers aren't legit, Teach has already ordered baby's breath to go in the vases, but the little frames are already done. We have several pieces of purple fabric in various textures, so the tables will not all be the same.

Another thing she has been working on is trying to cover the walls so it doesn't look like we are in a church gym. She has been painting 14-foot trees but you only get a folded up version so you can't really see it. You want to be a little surprised with the final pics of the real wedding, don't you?

Then Twiz asked her what we were doing for favors for the guests. Honestly, I wasn't thinking to do anything specific beyond what we had already planned, but she pulled another rabbit out of the hat and came up with these beautiful hand-painted valentines for each guest that they can take home and give to one of their own loved ones. Can I just say that Drama Queen is much more creative than me?
Love this fun pic of their hands.


Marci said...

Love it! Can't wait to see pictures from the actual event! Can't believe its a week away!

Denise said...

really like it

LeAnn said...

Wow, she is creative. It all looks lovely. It looks like you have It under control. I remember the days of planning weddings. I treasure those moments now that I can look back on it all. Hugs!


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