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Feb 10, 2016

Ready for the Wedding

OK, I'm ready for the wedding now.

I'm no good at selfies, it's much brighter in real life.
My fundraiser presentation at the high school went very well this morning. So well, in fact that they asked me for 5 more packets! Prima Donna said I didn't embarrass her too much, so that's a good thing.

After that I went over to SuperCuts so my dear friend, Melissa, could supervise the coloring of my hair. I've told you about the classes before, where we get free cuts and color while they are retraining their stylists. I called Melissa over the weekend and asked if she could include me in the class so I could look good for the wedding. She was happy to oblige.

When I first got there, we talked about what to do with my blue streak left over from football season. We decided to try to lift the dye out, but it didn't work very well and the color was a sickly green, so we decided to embrace the wedding colors and they dyed my blue streak purple.

The funny thing is that when I got home, none of the children even noticed for more than an hour. Does that mean they never look at me or they are just not very observant?

Tomorrow Twiz's family is coming for dinner. We haven't met them yet, so this is a pretty big deal. It will be his parents and grandparents as well as his little brothers and sister. Maybe I'll take some pics and share them with you tomorrow if his family doesn't mind.


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Love your picture and I think it is cute what you did to your hair. Hugs!


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