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Feb 11, 2016

Meeting the In-laws

Twiz and his parents
I have to admit I was a little terrified by this meeting. Twiz's family has been in town since Monday night and the kids decided it would be easiest for us to plan a specific time and place to get together rather than just have us all show up on Friday to decorate for the reception like we did for Beauty and The Beast. That was a bit awkward.

So we invited them to come over for a casual evening of pulled pork sandwiches and picnic fare. The meal itself was simple, the preparation was not. Drama Queen mopped my floor and scrubbed cabinets while I finished the cookie order this morning. Then she ran errands while I folded a huge pile of laundry. We were a tag-team effort trying to get the house prepped and the food done between my cub scout den meeting and dance runs. Even Gamer got in on the work when he stopped by and the Drama Queen talked him into shredding all the pork and helping build a salad.

Twiz and his grandparents
Twiz's family showed up promptly at 7:00. Teach wasn't even here yet; she had parent/teacher conferences so she was working late. Drama Queen had set up a table with a sampling of our wedding plans and they were excited to see what we had in mind. Then we had dinner and we sat around and visited until nearly 11:00. It was fun to get to know them! They were down-to-earth and normal, easy to talk to and not at all judgmental. I just knew that Teach found the right man and knowing he comes from a good family just makes it that much better.

It's the perfect union.

And they brought treats. What more could we want?


Denise said...

glad everything went well.

LeAnn said...

So happy that the meeting of the in-laws wnent good. That is actually pretty important to like the I law parents. Blessings!


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