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Feb 2, 2016

Happy Ground Hog Day!

Last night for Family Home Evening, we decided to have a laundry folding/movie party as well as making valentines for our missionary friend. Since Princess has a new boyfriend, we have put Daylen in the "friend zone," but he is still important to us and we want to support him as much as possible while he is on his mission.

Drama Queen and Scout made cute Ground Hog cookies for us using the No Bakes Cookies recipe for the ground and then making the ground hog from chocolate Oreos and vanilla chips. They were SO yummy and creative!

Today was actually a nice down day for me. I know Sunday is supposed to be the day of rest, but my sweetie and I had to speak in the Adult meeting for SOY Sunday and then I spoke again about Cub Scouts in the Great to be 8 meeting.

I fed the kids cold cereal for dinner and went upstairs with my sweetie. We watched a couple of basketball movies and a special on Pete Rose while I finished binding the second quilt for Teach and Twiz. I'm glad that's done! So today I cleaned the house and ran errands.

Remember I told you we have a new missionary in the family? Well, Bossy started her Church Service mission in the family history department today. It was fun to see her snazzy new name badge. Oh and the results for Giselle were posted. Scout was put in the Peasant 1 group and Crafty is a Willi (or a dead princess as she tells me...) Fajita scored a major role as Bathilde, so that was pretty exciting. I'm still working on the grant proposal for the city, but I'm hoping to get that done up tomorrow.

I borrowed some beautiful serving trays from one of my neighbors and Drama Queen says we have to set up a mock table tomorrow to see if our settings will look good for the wedding. I'm also thinking I want to go over to the church and measure a chair so we can put together the bows for the chairs before we are sitting there stressing them the night before the wedding. I think it's finally time to make that one last big master list to see if I forgot anything.


Denise said...

here in Chattanooga,chattanooga chuck the groundhog, predicted an early spring today

LeAnn said...

Ground Hog day is interesting! As usual your down day even sounds too busy for me. I do like that you watched a movie and folded laundry. I like to iron and watch a movie once in a while. We don't watch much TV except for news and maybe a Hallmark movie once in a while. It's sweet since we are studying or out doing missionary endeavors. I love her new mission badge; awesome.
Blessings and hugs for all!


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