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Feb 12, 2016

Shredding Meat

Remember yesterday when I was telling you about our delicious pulled pork sandwiches? Gamer was a good sport and let me take pics while he was shredding the meat because I got these awesome new claws and I wanted to show you how they work.

But first let me tell you what happened. In early January, Cave Tools asked me if I would like to try one of their products. That's when we got that amazing meat thermometer and I wrote a review for you. A couple of days later, they emailed me and said I "passed the test" and I could sample anything I wanted on their website (except the pricey cooker) as long as I would write another review.

It was like Christmas all over again! I pulled up their website and scrolled through the products and discussed them all with my sweetie and he reminded me what a pain it is to shred meat with forks. Since I'm a true fan of crockpot dinners, shredding meat is something I do at least every other week, but I don't love that part. It just takes forever! Or at least it did...

Yesterday I made two pork roasts, one in each of my large crockpots for our dinner with Twiz's family. You already know I was nervous about making everything just right. No kidding, I watched Gamer (even with me annoying him by taking pictures) shred an entire crockpot of bone in pork in less than two minutes. It was so easy. Then he used the claws to lift the meat back into the pot and I poured some Sweet Baby Ray's on it and that was it. I threw away a bit of fat and the small bones and Gamer took the big bone home for his dog.

Flashback to last week. This was the real test. I had a crockpot full of chicken breasts WITH bones. The kids had pulled it out accidentally instead of boneless so we could make Hawaiian Haystacks. That requires shredded chicken with gravy served with various toppings over rice. (I've heard it's mostly a Utah thing.) I was surprised how easily I was able to lift the breasts from the crockpot with the claws. I expected them to break up in the process because they were all ready to shred, but they didn't. I placed them on a cutting board to contain the juices and went to work.

The claws pulled the meat easily from the bones and I didn't even have to get my hands dirty. Then I was able to do the quick shred just like Gamer did with the pork. It was so much faster than the two-dinner fork method I have used in the past. Then when I was finished, the claws worked great for gathering the chicken and throwing it back in the pot to wait for the gravy. Cleaning them was a cinch in the dishwasher.

They are already pretty inexpensive, but our friends at Cave Tools wanted to make it even easier for you to buy them, so they gave me a coupon code to save you 15% at Amazon. Just enter MEOY47SI.

Amazon or at Cave Tools

***We were given free meatclaws for our open and honest review of the product.***


Denise said...


Cindy said...

I may have to try these. My husband and I have starting making a lot of pulled pork and pulled chicken. I have a container of pulled pork in the fridge right now!

LeAnn said...

Wow, I love the review so I will look into it. Praying for you to have a sweet wedding day. I hope to get over there depending on some missionary stuff. Thinking of you all. Blessings and hugs!


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