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Feb 8, 2016

Happy Birthday to The Beast

It was a beautiful Sabbath Day. Church was nice and quiet, with no speaking assignments or anything today. After the meetings we met in the Bishop's office so that Prima Donna could be set apart as the Laurel Class President and Crafty could be set apart as the Mia Maid Class 1st Counselor. They will both have way more responsibilities at church now.

Crafty did my hair
After that we hurried home to make a nice Italian dinner for The Beast's birthday party. My job was to make the parmesan chicken and the scones. My sweetie got to do the vegetables and the pasta alfredo. The party started at 4:30 and The Beast was a good sport about having the Super Bowl playing in the background. My family seems to love the Denver Broncos, so they were very happy when the Broncos came out victorious.

The Beast was gracious and grateful for each gift he was given. He loved the Tupperware and the cutting board we gave him. We sang and ate cake and ice cream and then visited until he had to leave. He was traveling tonight for his bank, so he couldn't stay very late. That's why we started at 4:30 instead of our usual 6:30.

Here we go, the beginning of Wedding Week!


Denise said...

hope the beast had a great day

LeAnn said...

You always have such fun parties. I love this and I can tell that Beast had a good day. Blessings and hugs!


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