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Feb 29, 2016

Guest Blog: A Wish To Be Famous By Dog Walker (Blast From the Past)

I'm just not sure that I would be writing this post, but there have been some dreams that I wish that they would come true, but with my family and my home, it makes it seem that some of them won't be coming to past. Besides being a Boy Scout who earned 132 merit badges, and graduating from high school, I always wanted to do something more. I have always wanted to be famous, like be in the movies, sing and dance in music videos, meet celebrities while being famous, be in commercials, and do interviews on celebrity shows, like Ellen DeGeneres. After watching my favorite Disney movies and singing along to my favorite bands and music artists, it makes me feel like that I want to be like them.

Unfortunately, there's just one problem. My mom and dad kept telling me that being famous isn't really good for you, even though it looks like fun. They told me some things of what it's really like to be a celebrity. They told me that you would never be able to rest, and you would have to sign a lot of autographs to fans, you never get to see your family very often and you'd have to be in disguise if you were going to a restaurant so no one would recognize you And the biggest problem is, is that being famous doesn't make enough money.

Steve and Lisa James Return to Christmas
Even though that my parents keep saying that being famous is bad for you, we have some neighbors that are kind of famous, along with making a Christmas album a few years ago, called Return to Christmas. Their names are Lisa and Steve James. They love to play music and they like to do a family choir with their children. And speaking of their children there's this special edited music video about Taylor Swift's song Safe and Sound. This one shows their daughter named Alyssa James singing the song, while her brother and cousin are playing their guitars.

I know how my parents feel about what could happen to me if I accept being famous. They sometimes might say, "Dog Walker, if you choose to be famous, you're going to be having the wrong message!" I guess that I have to just move on and think of other things, like getting school done, be on a mission, and then find a girl to be married too. Have any of you felt like you've always wanted to be famous, but then your family member kept telling you it's a bad idea? If you have, than I understand about that.

Image result for UVU

Other than that, ever since, I'm now attending Utah Valley University (UVU) and I decided that my future is to become a Special Education teacher and all of you probably remember the events about my mission. Maybe being on a mission with the special need children has been made a little fame. Other than, I was praised for being a Graduate of Excellence at Salt Lake Community College (SLCC). I've attended some fun classes that would help me get into my future, like learning about Children's Literature. I'm still planning on writing children storybooks and hopefully get them published by an accepting company. Maybe there are story publishing companies online that you won't have to verbally go to to get a book published. That could come with a little fame, I just never know if that could happen or not. I hope you enjoyed this moment of my life.


Anonymous said...

Our only child works in the film industry, being famous doesn't seem to do it for many actors and actresses..They get into a lot of trouble running after money and fame, please listen to your wonderful Mother and wonderful Father..Your family is terrific and being famous would prevent you from seeing & being around them and it would make you so sad..Donnie and Marie Osmond are famous and have endured many heartbreaks because of it, in spite of the fact they are terrific entertainers they are people who love and adore their faith and families are forever for them, they are the exception to the rule..but and it is a big but, most people don't know the dark side of fame, it sometimes tries to steal a persons soul and their minds, keep close to your Mother and Father and siblings, your faith is wonderful tooooo, enjoy being an extraordinary human being with many outstanding qualities..That is more important than fame could ever being you! Gods' continued Blessings!

Denise said...

really good post.


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