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Feb 1, 2016

A Not Quite Typical Saturday

Yesterday was so crazy.

I already showed you some of the fun bridal stuff Teach was doing with Twiz and Drama Queen, but everyone else was stressed and chasing around too. My sweetie took Prima Donna up to an audition at Weber State that turned out to be much more like a campus tour. He ended up sitting in his car for about 4 hours, but it was worth it when he finally picked her up and she was certain she had "rocked" the audition.

Princess was assigned to Scout and Crafty. Scout had a birthday party for a friend in the morning and then she and Crafty were both auditioning for the ballet, Giselle, in the afternoon. It was a good thing I called to see how they were doing because they had forgotten when the party ended and they were about 10 minutes late picking up Scout. I would love to tell you what parts they received, but the cast list that was supposed to be posted by midnight is still not up. (Crafty has been up here hitting refresh on their blog about every 30 seconds for the past hour. She finally just went to bed.)

Dog Walker was assigned to take care of Sport. He had two basketball games, one church game in the morning and his Jr. Jazz game at noon. Neither game went well for him but he still had fun and let's be realistic, anything is better than Saturday chores...

Bossy picked up Baby Doll and she headed for the Super Reader party that started at noon. And then I had Curly. After coaching his basketball team to a rare loss, he and I drove straight to the Expo Center for the Super Reader Party. We were about 15 minutes late, but Bossy had barely nabbed a parking spot and was just going in. I dropped him off at the front door with her and then slid around the packed parking lots looking for a spot.

There weren't any.

At 12:38, I had finally driven about 2 blocks from the Expo Center and parked in a random spot. I sat there for a full five minutes trying to decide if I really wanted to trudge through the snowy sidewalks in my gym shoes. Then I looked at my phone and saw the message from Bossy, "Hurry, we checked you in!"  Reluctantly I opened the door and headed into the semi-blizzard.

I was glad I went, in spite of my soggy shoes. The kids had so much fun making crafts and choosing a free book. This is the 3rd year we have gone to this party and honestly, I think it was better and bigger at the Fair Park than it was this time at the Expo.

Or maybe it was just my soggy shoes.


LeAnn said...

I love how organized you are. I really like how your children watch over one another and make sure everyone get's to where they need to be. I will love learning about the parts your daughters get in the ballet. You always find such neat events to have your children participate in. I just don't know how you do it all. Hugs and get some rest at some moment of time!

Denise said...

you are truly organized


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