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Dec 31, 2015

Wedding Dresses

Now that Christmas is over, we are in full wedding planning mode. Teach is off in New Jersey for the week, so we are a little limited in some of what we can do, but I did get dresses all ordered for the girls although there are definite drawbacks to buying stuff off the internet.

I got in on a great deal with my Kohl's cash for three dresses for my girls that are a bit bigger. They arrived yesterday. Or should I say ONE arrived yesterday... The shipping labels said 3 and the order said 3, but there was only one in the box. When I called to get that fixed, suddenly they didn't have any left in the size I wanted so I had to settle for a size smaller. Fortunately the dress is stretchy so it shouldn't really be a problem, just that we have to wait to get them again.

Then there are the dresses I ordered for the other girls. This one was totally my fault. I had the girls check the sizing chart and then let them decide what size to order. Big mistake. Huge! The size two I ordered for Beauty fits Crafty perfectly, except that Crafty thought she needed an 8 and it just hangs on her. I placed a new order with two smaller dresses, but now I have to figure out how to do returns.

On the good side, my dress fits great!


Anonymous said...

When is your daughter getting married right now or later on in 2016? Why the panic they are only the dresses for the bridesamids right? Such a rush...Life is full of little surprises isn't it? ciao happy 2016!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LeAnn said...

Oh, that is a lot to have to figure out. The color is beautiful. It looks like you have some fun a head of you. Never a dull moment in 2015 so 2016 looks busy too.
We drove by your home tonight and really enjoyed the lights. Tell Dog Walker is was the best ever. Happy New Year to you all! Hugs~

Mom of 12 said...

I thought I mentioned that Teach was getting married on February 13th. Maybe not. Sandy


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