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Dec 7, 2015

Internet Blues

Teaching Curly's Primary class
I so wanted to write you a blog post last night, but let me tell you what happened. The Dog Walker had some homework due today and he had been working all evening on several assignments except for the hour he took a break and watched the Christmas Devotional with us. It's the last week of classes and he was just pounding it out. I think we all want it to be done.

Anyway, it was about 1:30 AM and he had just finished the last paper. I gave him a final edit on the hard copy with about half a dozen more changes. We were both tired and pretty much everyone else had gone to bed (although not to sleep, I caught Prima Donna watching some crazy show on her phone on my way to my room).

When he sent the final draft to the printer, suddenly the circuit in the office blew. This is not that uncommon with the Christmas display all lit up, so he ran downstairs to reset it. But when he came back up, the network was down and he could not get to his paper on the shared hard drive.

He tried for about 20 minutes to find the file before I finally convinced him to just retype it. It was only 3 pages, but so frustrating after so much work. Now the internet is back up, but I don’t know that the system is totally restored. I’m glad I’m not an IT specialist. I hate this kind of stuff. In fact, just writing this post, I’ve struggled to come up with the correct terminology to even tell you what happened.

Thank goodness for my sweetie and Drama Queen who made sure everyone got up and off this morning. Christmas is getting so close and there is so much to do! I really shouldn’t have enjoyed the luxury of sleeping in. How are your Christmas preparations coming?

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LeAnn said...

oh, I hate it when the internet doesn't work. We are famous in our house for not saving things on projects and then they just disappear. If there is something that can really stress me is this type of things. I think you deserve to sleep in once in a while. Go for it girl! Hugs~


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