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Dec 25, 2015

Guest Blog: Light Display, By Dog Walker

I know it's the moment you've all been waiting for. I've done it again. I set up an amazing Light Display for Christmas. It took me more of a long time to get it ready for the rest of the holiday season for all of you to see. A lot of times, it's hard to try to become the best house with a lot of holiday spirit in the neighborhood. Since I set up the Corn Maze display for Halloween this year, I've been noticing on our News website in Utah that actually lets you set up a location for everyone around Utah to come see the amazing display they would ever see in a lifetime or even a holiday time.

As it turns out, since after Halloween and I took the corn maze and lights off, my mother told me that before a blizzard ever comes anytime before Thanksgiving, I should get all the lights on the roof and make sure they're securely on and that they won't be blown on a blustery day. On the weeks after Thanksgiving, I've been trying to make sure that everything was done, especially getting things looking good on our lawn and the trees.

After I ran out of ideas, I told my parents that I was permanently done putting up lights for the rest of the season. Unfortunately, by the week when it's close to Christmas day, I was wrong about that. As a matter of fact, when my parents found out that our house with the display was on the News, they decided that they buy more holiday display supplies to be added to the rest of it, so that everyone who's slowly driving by would come and see the display. For instance, Mom and Dad bought me for inflatable attractions, like Elsa and Olaf from Frozen, a teddy bear, and a giant Wiener dog dressed like Santa Claus, or maybe Santa Paws :P. Anyway, if Beauty and the Beast's dog, Franco saw it, he might be frightened or not. Maybe tomorrow they'll bring their dogs with to see it.

Every now and then, someone from a different neighborhood or city would stop and congratulate me for making the most amazing display throughout Christmas, because it brought them into the spirit of it. As for today, on Christmas Eve, a guy whom we didn't know stopped by and gave me a Christmas card for making it the best display in Utah as well as many of the other displays.

And another thing, someone taped a little note on our front door that said that we have the best display around this time of year. I received a text from Bossy saying that she received the same note. Okay...I'll confess, that I didn't just put our location on the News website that talks about a lot of cool displays around Utah to see, but I also put Bossy's house right on the website. I just didn't want to be the only member of the family who has the talent of putting up such a dazzling display on our house for the holidays.

I'm pretty sure a lot of you who are followers and live in either a different state or country would wish to see my house, but since I'm putting up pictures on this post, I'm also pretty sure that you get the idea of what I'm talking about. Just to be honest, I'm not really a professional of wrapping lights around an entire tree, because I feel like I don't have a better ladder to go around, or I just don't have an adjustable pole that can reach the very top and it wouldn't be a problem at all every year. Maybe next year, I'll be able to find a way to wrap lights around an entire tree so that it can look professional like everyone's houses or even the lights from either the Festival of Lights in Spanish Fork or the lights around Temple Square. I hope you all enjoyed this post and I hope you have a great holiday season.

Merry Christmas to All! And to All a Good Night!


LeAnn said...

You do such an outstanding job with this; it's amazing. I want to see the real thing so have your Mom email your address to me. Blessings and hugs~

Marci said...

I LOVE your display! Wish you were our neighbor and could help me put lights up at my house too! Merry Christmas!


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