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Dec 11, 2015

Christmas Concerts

Christmas seems to be the time for concerts. You have already heard my soapbox about school bands, so I will just show you the pics.

Tuesday night was Sport and Crafty's concert at the middle school. They did a fantastic job! The Christmas concerts are always my favorite because the music is so easy to recognize and tap along. Sport also played prelude music with the brass choir in the hallway while people were finding their seats. For only 2 rehearsals, they were amazing.

Crafty in black, right in the center.
Sport on the back row of trumpets, center without a hat.
Sport second from the left with the brass choir.
Wednesday night was Scout's first concert. It is amazing to me how good those kids can sound after only playing since the end of September. Scout is the only clarinet in her band, so we could always hear her when she was playing which she would confess is both good and bad.

Scout standing with clarinet.
Thursday morning we watched Taco and Burrito play their hearts out with their band. Grandpa joined us for all of these activities. I love that he is so supportive of the kids.

Bossy took a bad pic of her boys, both playing clarinet in the center, but they sounded great!
We have our choir concert at church on Sunday, then Prima Donna is in her first choir concert on Tuesday and we will see Fajita perform with her band likely on Thursday. I say "likely" because she is actually in 2 different bands, including the BHS Symphony and it plays on Thursday. I'm hoping they will play "Sleigh Ride," a personal favorite of mine. But I pretty much love all Christmas music, so whatever they play would be awesome.
Crafty and I enjoying Sport's band.


LeAnn said...

I think some of my sweetest memories is watching my children and now grandchildren play in concerts. I especially love the Christmas ones; since that is my favorite kind of music.
Hugs for all!

curtis03 Lewis said...

That’s amazing to read this complete post on Christmas Concerts. Our boss also organized so fun Christmas special corporate events this year. Two popular music bands had been invited there and loads of international cuisines were there. It was one of the best company parties I have ever attended!!


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