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Dec 17, 2015

Watching the Jazz

Yesterday my sweetie texted me from work and asked if we were busy Wednesday night. Do we ever have a night when we don't have a million things going on? He was excited to report that his company had made some tickets available for the Jazz game. Not enough for everyone, but then we couldn't convince everyone to give up their busyness just for a basketball game.

So he applied for some of the tickets and we were super excited to receive 6 of them and even more excited to see that they were in the Lower Bowl! I have never seen a Jazz game from the lower bowl so I immediately claimed one of the tickets as my own and it was a given that my sweetie would get one. Then it was time to figure out who else would be on the list. It ultimately was decided by who was available and had the desire to go; Sport, Curly, Dog Walker, and we invited Grandpa along to use the final ticket.

We had a great time. There was a tiny bit of snow, but the weather cooperated and other than the traffic, we managed to get there just before the national anthem. One interesting thing I realized about the lower bowl was that if I watched the floor, I could see the players better, but out of habit, I watched the big screen anyway.

The second thing I noticed was that the environment wasn't nearly as family-friendly. Everyone around us seemed to be holding a beer, which my little guys had never really been around before. Not that I begrudge people their beer, they can do whatever they want, that is until the lady behind us spilled a huge cup all over the floor and my sweetie's coat.

The Jazz were ahead in the third quarter, but they couldn't shoot at all during the fourth and ended up losing by a pretty decent margin. Curly was disappointed, but quickly moved on to other things and though we had an exciting evening, now I am up until all hours of the night making candy for my sweetie to take to work tomorrow. I guess "busy" just depends on how you look at it.


Anonymous said...

We got tickets for the trailblazers in Portland I won on a radio contest, thank the Lord the dinner provided and the parking paid for was better than court side seats, people were drunk as skunks, I could take it no more and asked they be removed low and behold they were escorted before the game out of the arena and told to sober up or they would have to pay for a cab to wherever they came from..We were the only ones left in our seats and enjoyed the game a lot..we even were given extra dinner tickets for a later meal after I called the radio station to thank them and tell them what happened..We never ever have drank one drop of alcohol and are thankful we have never done that, no smoking, cursing and acting like a donkey in our marriage family and home, people can have better times in life without these shameful behaviors! Both of our family has had alcohol and drug problems, I would never allow these addictions to interfere in our married or for that matter single lives..It steals peoples souls it truly does..How can you function loaded and on drugs not well at all, no job puts up with it and no religion as I can see puts up with the good Lord wants us to be sober show up for mates, love our children if we have them and live a righteous life as I see, forgiveness is one thing but to consciously choose drugs and alcohol when a person comes a family that put it before their husband/wife and children in my opinion is reprehensible..Good you got to see a professional basketball game, the cost of a ticket in Portland is prohibitive and we don't go out at all to professional sports tooooo expensive and the people who do go to a lot of those games are loaded on drugs and alcohol!

LeAnn said...

It sounds like it was a fun adventure. We used to have tickets to the Utah football games due to the fact my husband graduate from there. However, the crowd was very tough and there was drinking all around us. The worst was the language. It's sad that there is these kinds of environments. Happy you had a good time anyway. Blessings!

Natalie Ockey said...

Lower bowl! Awesome!


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