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Dec 5, 2015


It was another busy crazy Saturday at my house. Scout had her first basketball practice and of course it was difficult to get her out of bed even though we didn't have to be there until 10:00. Once she got there she was OK, but all the way up she complained that her hair looked bad and her socks didn't match, she still had her Nutcracker makeup on, you get the idea. I'm pretty sure she was just nervous. I have to agree with her. The beginning of a new season is always difficult. You don't know who your teammates will be or if you will like your coach, but at least she knew her coach was her friend, Katie's dad.

They only practiced today so I sat on the sidelines and made a new best friend. I swear, how is it that women can tell their whole life stories to each other in an hour?

But I digress...

We raced back home, excited to see my sweetie who had just come home after being gone for a week. The other kids were with Bossy and Gamer at the Home Depot class, so he came home to a mostly empty house. I had about half an hour before I had to take Sport to his practice. But I had learned by then and I just dropped him off.

Meanwhile, I was trying to solve a problem with some gloves I have been embroidering for a neighbor so I visited with her for 1/2 an hour and then I was late picking up Sport. I tried sewing the binding on a quilt I have been making but only got halfway through before I had to leave with Curly for his practice. I have to admit to being nervous and thinking of all the same reasons not to go that Scout had come up with. Only this time I was the coach and not the player.

But it turned out OK. I slipped right back into the role like it hadn't been almost a year since I was in charge. I remembered that I actually love coaching even when my shorties are trounced by the other team. After basketball was finally over for the day I got back to sewing the rest of the binding on the quilt. I sent Drama Queen and Curly off to do my grocery shopping and once again I was pretty much alone in an empty house with the Dog Walker who had a large assignment due and he was pretty nervous about it.

Bean Dip tried really hard not to be in this picture!
At 5:30 we left for the Ward Christmas Party. The food was typical church fare, ham and funeral potatoes, but I was totally fine with it. Anything as long as I didn't have to cook! Some of the kids left early to go see the final performance of The Nutcracker, but we stayed and helped clean up before I got back home to help the Dog Walker finish up his homework assignment so he could get it in before midnight. He was struggling with the instructions. I think I could have done the assignment 3 times myself easier than helping him understand it, but we finally managed with 2 hours to spare.

I sent most of the kids off to bed, but I couldn't sleep until the girls got home from their cast party so I worked on binding the quilt. Now that they have returned, I can get to my lesson I have to teach tomorrow. Why didn't I remember I was subbing an hour ago? Teaching and coaching are just not the same!

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LeAnn said...

I just marvel at all the things that you do in one day. I continue to just be amazed. I am happy your hubby is back home. You two need a good date night. Blessings and hugs for you!


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