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Dec 8, 2015

Caroling at Avalon

Remember last year when my neighbor invited us to go caroling with her at one of the care centers here in the valley? We loved that experience and have been so excited to go again this year. Last night was the night and this time we sort of knew what we were supposed to do. Besides that, Prima Donna had been assigned to sing a solo.

She worked up Mary Did You Know? and planned to sing it a cappella. Hers was the last one on the list and it was so beautiful. The goosebumps ran up my arms as I remembered once again the truth of our Savior's birth and his amazing mother who did exactly as she was asked even though she knew the final outcome from the scriptures. And she was only 15.

I look at Crafty and she is 15. Would she be that strong? Would she accept a child now with only her faith to sustain her? Would she be able to take on a husband and the rigors of family life especially in those difficult times?

We loved helping with this program and especially walking the halls afterward and singing to all the residents who are bedridden for one reason or another. I hope this can become an annual tradition for us. Thanks again for the invitation, Waynette!

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LeAnn said...

I love that you were able to do this. I used to take my granddaughters out to see my Aunt who was in a assisted living place in Bountiful. They would sing and play the piano and it was fun to see them interact with the residents.
Mary, Did You Know is a favorite of mine. I would have loved to hear her sing it.
Blessings for all!


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