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Dec 28, 2015


Remember I told you we got a foot of new snow for Christmas? Well, there was no way I was going out on Christmas Day, but by Saturday morning, the kids were all itching to go sledding. It still took us until after lunch before we finally got everyone bundled up and out the door.

The park where we normally go was crowded with families and we could barely find a place to park. Both lots were totally full and people were starting to park on the street. We saw one guy even make his own spot on the sidewalk although you couldn't really tell it was the sidewalk since it was still buried in snow.

It was sunny but cold and there were so many people there! Moms and dads and kids of all sizes and shapes were enjoying the slopes. Our favorite hill is about 100 feet long and steep enough to get a little speed going. It wasn't long before Bossy's family showed up to join us.

Curly was absolutely fearless! I think he went up and down that hill about 35 times. Maybe more. He discovered a little jump and I explained to him how to lie down on his stomach and just as he hit the edge to pull up on the sides of the sled. It worked great! The first time he caught air he was addicted and he didn't stop until we finally loaded everyone in the van after more than an hour.

Scout was a bit nervous and I finally pushed her down the hill the first time, but then she remembered how fun it was and got herself back on the sled. I made 3 trips down, two with Baby Doll and one with Scout and Baby Doll. I even convinced my sweetie to get on a sled.


Bossy took Baby Doll down, but honestly, Baby Doll soon realized she could go all by herself and then she just made the trip alone. We were all cold and tired by the time we left, even Curly. Hot chocolate and candy canes finished off the fun. I'm pretty sure the kids will be up for another trip tomorrow.

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LeAnn said...

Oh, this looks way fun; except I think I am too old to do it. Loved the photos! Blessings and hugs!~


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