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Dec 2, 2015

Baby Doll's Surgery

I'm sorry to bombard you with all the Studio C stuff. The Dog Walker actually wrote that post about a month ago and scheduled it to go up on December 1. He just loves their humor and he assumes everyone else does as well.

Today was a rough day. Baby Doll had her surgery first thing this morning. We got her to the Oral Surgeon's office by 8:00 a.m., and until we were halfway there, I didn't really tell her what was going on. She fussed about it for a minute, but we all knew it had to be done, so she quieted down and did not complain or cry again until she was out of the operating room.

I was so proud of her! They let us stay with her while they got her prepped and her IV in. She looked so tiny in that big chair with her hair net. After they inserted the IV needed they put a brace on her little arm to keep if from moving and disturbing the needle. When they started hooking her up to the heart monitor, we were finally excused to the waiting room.

The wait was excruciating, but not that long. When she was finished, we entered the tiny room where she was lying on the bed and then she reached for me and started to cry. I rode with her in the back of the van on the way home and the Drama Queen drove. Baby Doll had an ice pack on her lip over the stitches and it was swollen to twice the size of the crazy salivary gland.

We tucked the two of us on the couch to watch a movie while Drama Queen ran to the store for popsicles and pain meds. I was supposed to be binding a quilt, but I took a nap instead.

Baby Doll was feeling much better by evening and her biggest complaint was that she had to eat her macaroni and cheese cold. I was impressed when the surgeon called me this evening to see how she was doing. Hopefully we won't need his services again, but if we do, I know where to find his office. And Baby Doll loves his name. It's easy to remember, especially this time of year. It's Dr. Partridge... we sang his song all the way to his office the first time... and a Partridge in a Pear Tree.

Today she didn't feel much like singing.


Denise said...

glad baby doll did well.

Marci said...

So glad she is doing better!

LeAnn said...

Oh, this sweet little one. I will have her in my prayers. She was so brave; give her a hug from me.
Love and hugs~


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