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Dec 20, 2015

Guest Blog: Family Christmas Party 2015 by Princess

If you haven’t discovered already, our family is full of traditions. In fact we have so many we are constantly pushing some in and out and cramming way more into our schedule than what should be physically capable (but our mom is Wonder Woman so it works out). Today we had one of my favorite traditions: the family Christmas party. Now I’ve been to about 19 of these now (I say about because someone will probably prove that we skipped a year or point out the fact that we used to do two a year) and let me tell you there are some classy moments. The first one I can remember Santa (played by the one and only Sweetie) brought all the little girls these big plushie dolls. The doll was as big as me and I loved that thing so much. It’s this really random memory but an important one.
You can't prove this is from 2 years ago...

Another Christmas Prima Donna and I weren’t being very helpful getting ready so my mom sent us up to get in the shower and told us to take a little while. We loved taking showers when we were little. We played store and restaurant and dolls. In fact there was one book we had that was actually made to go in the water. We read that book so much we had it memorized forwards and backwards. In fact I still know most of it… “shout me hears he fun was that gee out right jumps he done poppy’s when.” The point is Prima Donna and I spent a lot of time playing in the shower as kids. This particular day was no different and we ended up missing most of the party because of it. If I remember correctly we had a nice time discussing Prima Donna’s
From the talent show
crush on the next door neighbor.

Another Christmas party we had a huge nerf gun fight. Another one we had a magician come and I remember I was the lucky girl who got to keep a
a white rabbit puppet. One Christmas party we did a talent show… I’m not really sure why that happened but I think I danced and played the clarinet. We’ve also made all sorts of treats, gingerbread houses, candy, sugar cookies (that’s what we did this year). I love how my mom makes it a fun thing. I never felt like I was too young or too old for a family party. Good job Mommy. Keep it up.


Natalie Ockey said...

Thanks again for hosting! We love coming to the party, frosting cookies, seeing Sweetie Claus, presents, and especially eggnog icecream! ~R

LeAnn said...

I loved reading your Christmas memories; way fun. Of course, you do have such an amazing family.
Blessing and hugs! Plus, Merry Christmas to all~


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