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Dec 9, 2015

Waiting... Patiently? Guest Blog by Princess

It had been three weeks since I sent Daylen out on his mission (though I haven't seen him for 3 weeks and 2 days, so cut me a little slack). Boy do I miss that kid. It's interesting, it's like in a way he never even existed. Like maybe he was just an imaginary friend I finally outgrew.
Then other days every stinkin' thing reminds me of him. I'll be driving and I'll think, "Daylen and I would always stop at this light" (No duh, it's the law). And then I'll be getting dressed in the morning and I'll think, "I remember one time I was wearing these pants and me and Daylen..." (Yeah, note to self: I'm always wearing pants so it's pretty likely that at some point I wore pants in front of Daylen.).

 I try really hard not to be too pathetic. I mean it's not like I know exactly how many days left until he comes home...*cough* 710 *cough* But the whole point of this post was
not for me to mope, but to tell you that Daylen is actually leaving for Minnesota tomorrow! He has been in Provo at the Missionary Training Center learning how to teach people and tomorrow starts the real deal. I'm excited for him but mostly I'm excited for me because yesterday I found out I get to talk to him! With my actually voice and I get to hear his actual voice!

On flying days he is allowed a certain number of minutes to call (to tell his family he is safe and all that). He said he was allowed to call me too and after careful scrutiny (I have to follow every rule) I discovered it was true and I get to talk to him in about five hours, which means I really should go to bed. I wouldn't want to miss my 1 in 5 chances of hearing his voice in the next two years.

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