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Jun 1, 2015

The Dog Walker's Honorable Release

We were driving to church yesterday when my sweetie asked about the Dog Walker. He had finished serving at Kauri Sue Seminary on Friday and that meant his mission was over except for the actual release by the stake president. I had texted the stake president on Friday, but did not receive a response so I just assumed we would be one more week before the actual meeting would take place.

I was wrong.

Princess spoke in Sacrament Meeting and did a fabulous job, and then we headed off for Sunday School. During the time for announcements, the Dog Walker told everyone that he was being released at 12:20. It was 10:20.

I panicked! I wanted all of his family to be there if possible to celebrate his honorable service, but with such short notice and during the church block, I didn't know if I could pull it off. I quickly shot out texts to Bossy, Teach, and The Beast, then I waited somewhat impatiently during the other meetings.

I finally got answers. All of them would be there with the only one missing being Beauty since she had to teach a class during that time period.

As we all crowded into the Stake President's office, my heart flooded with gratitude for the love and support of my family. We were all so proud of the Dog Walker and his 18 months of service that we wanted to be there with him when it was over, but more importantly to me, was the fact that they all made it work.

We are a family and we love and support each other. That's what it's all about.

Love you all! Thank you for being there for each other and for me.


kristine barr said...

Congratulations Dog Walker! Job well done!

Marci said...

Well done, Dog Walker! Our life has been nuts for the last few weeks so I'm a little late commenting, but I am so proud of you for your service! I bet those kids from the seminary will always remember you.

LeAnn said...

Congratulations to the awesome son of your for his 18 months of service to the Lord. I loved it all. I was happy that everyone could be there for his release. You are an amazing family. I loved loved the picture of the family by the swings.
Blessings and hugs for all!


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