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Jun 19, 2015

Guest Blog: Burrito's Passion Project by Bossy

Burrito had this fun project for class today.  He had to write a paper, film a video, and present to his class today one thing he was passionate about.  He was so excited to talk about hanging upside down.  We quickly realized it wasn't going to be long enough for his presentation, so he recruited Scout, Curly, Taco and Baby Doll to help him on a tour of the backyard.

Here is his paper:

I am passionate about playing in my grandma’s backyard.  My grandma’s backyard is fun.  I have aunts and uncles close to my age. My grandma’s backyard has many fun things to do.  She has a trampoline, a garden, a sandbox, a basketball court, playground toys, and a place to play volleyball or badminton. My favorite thing to do is to hang upside down on the red and blue spider web. The spider web is five feet tall and seven feet wide. It lives in the giant sandbox!  It is almost one year old. I made a video to show you my passion and teach you how to hang upside down.  

1 comment:

LeAnn said...

This was just so awesome. I loved Burrito's Passion Project. Great thoughts and a very spectacular video. Loved this one! Hugs for all involved~


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