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Jun 3, 2015

6th Grade Dance

Sport is my 9th child to go through the 6th grade and in all that time I have never had the opportunity to attend the 6th grade dance. Our elementary school is very selective and pictures aren't allowed, but today I had a couple of things going for me.

First, I'm one of two Head Room Moms. Second, I'm the one that's in charge of the dance...

That means I could easily assign myself as one of two parents from our class allowed in the room. But not everyone follows the rules.

I have a dear friend who didn't ask if she could attend or what the rules were, she just made her way into the gym like she owned the place and shot a few random pics before anyone told her to put her phone away.

And last of all, she shared some of her pics with me.

So sorry, Sport, but you are in the spotlight today! I loved watching you dance with all the girls. I just wish you would have smiled a little more.

Last night he told me he would be fine gong to the dance...as long as I wasn't going to be there.

1 comment:

LeAnn said...

That is way fun to get to see him dance. I remember those kind of dances.


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