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Jun 12, 2015

A Good Day

I was SO tired last night! I sat in front of my computer to write you a post and half an hour later I raised my head from the desk where it had fallen and dragged myself upstairs to bed.

I feel much more refreshed this morning.

Yesterday was a great day! It was the first day the kids were all out of school for the summer (except those taking summer classes and yes, I have 4 of those). I had my Activity Days girls over and we made these super cute flip-flops by tying balloons all along the straps. It was a fun and easy activity that was so cheap. The girls loved it and they were all so proud of them when we were finished.

After that we managed to get the entire garden planted. My sweetie let me lay out everything, and I put plenty of space for things to grow so I hope it works out. It's pretty different from what we usually do. When things get up a bit, I will show you a pic. Right now it's mostly dirt.

We ended our day with scriptures and family prayer and I couldn't resist showing you this cute pic of Curly. I am so proud of him! He was really struggling with his reading at the beginning of the year and he has been improving so much. His report card shows that he went from a "B" reading level to an "H" reading level, but watching him open his scriptures and read verses mostly by himself was much more exciting that seeing those letters on a piece of paper,.

It's been a good day.


Marci said...

I love to see improved reading abilities, ESPECIALLY if it helps a child be able to read their scriptures independently (or more independently) that is so exciting! I ALSO love those flip flops you did with your Activity Day girls! That is such a cute idea! I wish you were activity day leader back when I was so I could have stolen your fun ideas!!

LeAnn said...

Give that Curly boy a hug for doing so well in reading. I think that is the most important area of education. Once they can read; everything just gets better.
I loved the flip flop idea is there a link for them?
Happy you had a restful night and a really good day.


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