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Jun 15, 2015

Ensign Peak

I'm pretty sure my computer is on its last legs. The video card appears to be dying on me and that kept me from posting most of the weekend. I'm commandeering my sweetie's computer this morning so I can update you on part of our adventures.

Saturday was the dance recital and I'm going to get one of the girls to post on that as soon as my sweetie has time to get all the pics downloaded and sorted, so I will tell you about Sunday. It just so happens that we had a Sunday afternoon without a birthday party (can you believe it?!). My sweetie didn't think we should just nap away the day, so after lunch he had this brilliant plan to go on a hike up Ensign Peak.

Now if you are not familiar with Utah, Ensign Peak is where Brigham Young declared that "This is the place..." and that we would be building our beautiful city in this great valley. My kids have been up there several times with their church groups, but since my sweetie and I didn't grow up in this valley, neither one of us had ever been there. Besides, on Friday we are taking the girl scout troop to Timpanogos Cave, so we thought a starter hike might be a good idea.

I'm not very good at hiking.

But we did manage to get everyone up to the top as you can see from my cell pics. Going down was tricky. The first step or two I had a shooting pain in my big toe. I figured I had a rock in my shoe, so I found a place to stop and I pull off my shoe. I dumped it out, replaced it and figured I was good. Until the next step gave me the same sensation.

I was starting to wonder if I were going crazy and then I decided maybe whatever it was might be in my sock, so I found another place to stop and I pulled off both.


Then as I was retying my shoe, I spotted the nail in the bottom. It didn't go all the way through, so I only felt it when I had downward pressure on the toe. I pulled it out and it was about a centimeter long. The rest of the trip down was much more comfortable!

When we got back to the house, we made tinfoil dinners and cooked them outside in the fire pit. Drama Queen fried us up some scones and we finished the evening with scriptures and s'mores. It was a beautiful summer evening with some of my favorite people.


Marci said...

Such fun! You guys are amazing!

Natalie Ockey said...

I don't mean to be picky, but Brigham Young climbed this hill to survey the valley several days or even weeks after arriving. He declared, "This is the right place!" at the mouth of Emigration Canyon near Heritage Park State Park and the Zoo. Still, this is a great hike and a fun place to visit!

LeAnn said...

Oh that does look like a fun activity. I haven't been up there since my youth. It would be fun to go there sometime. I am not sure I am up to hiking; but I do need exercise.
I am so happy that the nail didn't go into your foot; that was a big blessings.
I loved the close of the day with the great food.
Hugs for all!

Natalie Ockey said...

Love that hike! And I love tin foil dinners!!!


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