Jun 8, 2015

Celebrating Teach's Birthday

I know I told you I would post about our mini-disaster today, but I think I want to wait until tomorrow when the adjustor comes over to check things out. Besides, you want to hear all about Teach's birthday party!

My sweetie decided it was warm enough to set up the tables and chairs outside, so we ate picnic style. It was perfect because my sweetie did dutch oven chicken and Princess made an amazing carrot cake, so I didn't have to do anything! My favorite kind of party. :)

Just kidding. I actually enjoy working in the kitchen with my kids and my sweetie.

Anyway, we had dinner on the basketball court and Teach's two best friends and their husbands joined us. Baby Doll worked all week on a "show" for Teach modeled after her boyfriend's favorite movies, Star Wars. She was Princess Leia and Curly made the cutest little Han Solo wearing Scout's heeled boots and his vest. Baby Doll made little light sabers for everyone and a PVC "gun" for Curly, I mean Han.

All was going well (at least I thought so) and suddenly she said, "You guys are messing up my show!" and she stomped off. <sigh> I don't know how I'm going to deal with this one when she is 16. I will be SO much older!
That said, I am getting spoiled with having all 12 of my kids around all the time for parties and family events. It's my favorite part of my life right now. I just sit in the chair and look around at the faces of these beautiful people I love.

We have so many occasions to celebrate this month. Get ready for a month of parties!

Happy Birthday, Teach!

...and many more...

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LeAnn said...

Yes, Happy Birthday to Teach! I am sure she had a lovely day. I think it is awesome that you can have your children around and enjoy watching them. I wish mine were closer. Our parties are pretty sparse these days. I do love reading about your though.
Blessings and hugs!