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Jun 7, 2015

Countryfest 2015

Princess is in the back of this cool truck!
I think I've told you before that I love Countryfest! It's a celebration in South Jordan for our city and we participate every year. It is a 3-day celebration, but we only had time for it today.

Enjoying the parade.
We started the morning early. Princess and Prima Donna were both in the parade; Princess as her last appearance with the Youth City Council, and Prima Donna with the Drama Club from Bingham. We met Bossy and her family at the beginning of the parade route and we got ourselves settled.

It was a chilly morning, just before 9:00, so we bundled up in our blankets and jackets. Bossy was totally prepared as always, but when she passed out the Otter Pops, I didn't think she would get any takers.

I was wrong.

Sport and Owen, NOT enjoying the parade...
It was about 10 minutes before the parade started and we all got on our feet for the flags. Sport's friend and his family sat on the other side of us. I couldn't believe how much candy and gadgets were thrown our way! We got t-shirts and frisbees, Curly got an amazing top from Texas Roadhouse, water bottles, bracelets, and I think we came away with a full five-pound bag of salt water taffy. When I was a kid I didn't really like that stuff, but I sure do now, especially the black and white ones. (The bag was keeping me company while I was writing this post until I sent it away to tempt some other poor soul who might be attempting to write a blog post.)

But I digress...

Getting your award, Scout
So after the parade, we headed over to Home Depot to put together an awesome truck! The kids just love those classes. By noon we were finished and we made our way back to the house. My sweetie worked on leveling the garden (we finally got the area all dried out), while others of us worked inside. Just before 2:00, we made our way back to the park so we could see the car show and my girls dance.

Princess in the green
Princess and Crafty were the only two of mine dancing today in a 45-minute program. The stage was small, but the girls were troopers and they looked great! We ran straight from there to the closing ceremonies for Scout's softball team. She got a trophy and a minute to say goodbye to her softball friends.

My sweetie and I dropped off the kids and drove straight to Sam's. We are celebrating Teach's birthday tomorrow and we were lacking a few things. Most of our money was spent on disposable dinnerware so that we can reduce the number of dishes we have to wash by hand. I'll fill you in on our disaster tomorrow, but suffice to say that the flood included both dishwashers so we are now waiting on an insurance claim and washing everything by hand.

the rain rain rain came down down down...
After the store we tried to get everyone fed with the idea that we were going back to the park for the free concert and fireworks. Wynona (of the Judds) was singing and we were pretty excited about that! As we were loading the kids, we noticed a few raindrops, but we hoped it would blow over quickly and just cool things off a bit.

Unfortunately, that's not what happened. By the time we drove the mile and a half to the park, it was pouring down and cars were starting to leave. We grabbed a close parking spot and decided to wait it out. Fajita and Crafty were working in the Youth City Council booth and they were totally soaked. It was only a few minutes in when they decided to start closing down the booths.

Thirty minutes later while the rain still pounded down, we left the park and headed home. There was a good 6 inches of standing water on the road and the kids enjoyed splashing through the puddles although they were pretty upset to lose an evening of fun and fireworks.

A fun movie party
My sweetie came to the rescue by producing a new movie, "Ender's Game" that he had been saving for us to watch together. It was a book we had all read for Book Club a couple of summers ago and we were anxious to see it.

I popped a big bowl of popcorn while Princess cut up a watermelon. Drama Queen had the younger kids bring down blankets and pillows so they could sack out on the floor just like they would have at a concert. The evening turned out to be a hit and we only had a couple of them fall asleep on the floor.

I wonder what Wynona thinks of Utah?

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LeAnn said...

OH how you do know how to party. I still don't know how you do it all. Sorry about the rain ruining the festivities and I do wonder how Wynona felt about it. We miss some of these things since we work early morning at the temple on Saturdays. By the time we get off we are usually too tired to do much. I think it is awesome that you hubby had a back up plan with the movie. It looks like you did have a very fun day.
Sorry about the dishwasher and flood. I can't imagine doing all the dishes by hand that you would be having to do. Paper products are the best. We use them all the time when our families come for a visit.


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