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Jun 25, 2015

Double Duty

I know you are all dying to know how the baseball games turned out for Taco and Burrito!

I went out to the park just in time for the second batter in Burrito's game. His little team was playing for the 8-year-old tournament championship. They did well, but it was SOO hot! I don't know how Burrito could stand catching that first inning. Wearing all that padding had to add 5 more degrees to an already sweltering day.

They played well, but in the end, they lost 12 - 15. Burrito was sad, not because they lost, but because it meant baseball was over for the season. The huge 2nd place trophy helped quite a bit.

Taco's team was in the semi finals and their team lost a heart-breaker right at the end. So now we are all finished with baseball. I love the kids' sports programs because it helps channel their energy into something other than movies or video games. Sport was been taking golf lessons this week. It was a major part of his birthday gift and besides, it will help him earn the Golf merit badge.

The five youngest start swimming lessons next week. They will run for 2 weeks and keep us hopping. But guess what?! When Sport is finished (assuming he does well), he will have also passed off the Swimming merit badge. I'm all in favor of making our activities count in as many places as possible.

1 comment:

LeAnn said...

It does help when they can get a merit badge from an activity or sport. It is double good.
I like that you keep them busy and involved in outdoor activities. I don't think children get outside as much as they should.
I was raised on Baseball and our boys and girls all played. I love that sport. Sorry they lost but It sounded like they enjoyed it alot.
Hugs for all!


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