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Jun 17, 2015

Planning a Trip to Texas

A long time ago when Teach first got her call to serve in the Texas, Fort Worth mission, we promised her that if we could afford it, we would all take a trip to Texas the summer after she got home. Well, we can't really afford it, but we are still going to go!

You thought it was Baby Doll didn't you? It's Scout!
I have spent a good part of my week working on this trip. Other than the Fort Worth area, we have no idea where to go and what to see. I would love some input from any of you who either live in Texas or have visited this beautiful state. I've heard that the Alamo isn't very exciting and we definitely want to get all the way to the Gulf of Mexico.

Has anyone tried the ride across Galveston Bay? Is it worth the money? And I've already bought tickets to see the Rangers! You know how I feel about baseball. :)

Thoughts on the Houston Zoo?

Hey y'all, tell me about Texas!


kristine barr said...

Yep the Alamo isn't very exciting except to a history buff. It will be hot there so plan for it Austin is a commercial but interesting city The hill country is good for a half a day.

LeAnn said...

I loved the Alamo and San Antonio is one of my favorite places to visit. The River walk is the best ever. I loved Dallas because of some of the history there. Be sure and visit the temples in the cities you go to. I am so excited that you are going to take this trip; it will be awesome.

Anonymous said...

We have been to Austin it is better than the Alamo by a longshot..The weather is hotter than a pepper plant in Texas and the floods in and around Dallas are not something most people would enjoy...I would not be going to Texas in the summer you will burn up badly, it gets hot and humid, and lots of mosquitos the likes you will never believe!!!!!!!!!!!! Fort Worth is a lovely place and the low country of Texas but the weather has been blasting the Lone Star state, they do have the best BBQ in the whole of USA and real Mexican food, but remember it is expensive for a big family such as yours and hotels don't come cheaply..we lived with family of our daughters good friends they were the best, the bbq was outstanding and the accomodations out of this world, the did have air conditioning, I have no idea about temples and such of the LDS church you could inquire early and ask if some people could help you out that would be the nicest thing for you and your family..But it will be very expensive and hot as a pepper plant, didn't you have a leak in your home????????? It is wonderful you want to go on vacations but that leak will have to be taken care of, just a suggestion..we don't go to the south in the summer at all, we cannot take the long long days of nearly 100 degree heat and the humidity no we cannot. If you go enjoy but get a texas map and call out to people of your faith it will help you to enjoy your vacation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Natalie Ockey said...

Sounds so fun! When are you going? I have been to Texas but it was only when I sat in the Dallas/Ft. Worth airport for a few hours with Randy on the way to Florida for our honeymoon, so I can't help you with any suggestions. But I am glad you're going to a baseball game. Those are always worth it!

Marci said...

The Alamo definitely is a snoozer for me, we're to the point that if company wants to go there we don't go with them anymore. The 3 lb cinnamon roll from Lulus bakery is exciting and tasty. There is a guy who has a toilet seat museum in his garage that sounds like the coolest thing ever. I haven't been able to go see it yet but have heard awesome things about it-and it's free! I'll try to think of other fun free things!

Sarah said...

The Alamo is neat in a historical way, but there's not a lot to it. I actually was not very impressed with all of San Antonio (no offense to any locals, it's just not really a "vacation" place for me).

If you make it down to Galveston, there's actually a free ferry that departs every 15 minutes. It's a 30 minute ride, and you go past an old shipwreck, a docked submarine, and on most days you can see LOTS of dolphins swimming around. It's a commuter ferry (that's why it's free). But, lots of people just ride it from Galveston to Port Bolivar and then back to Galveston without getting off. You can walk on (there's a room and deck upstairs for pedestrians) or drive on. It goes every 15 minutes, 24 hours a day.

Houston Zoo is pretty good. It was thunderstorms the day we were there, didn't end up going to a lot of it. But, was impressed with what we saw. If you've been to a lot of big zoos, though, you're probably not going to see anything here that you haven't seen elsewhere. Houston Children Museum, on the other hand, is INCREDIBLE. If you're there during the week, there's a discounted "family night" on Thursdays. Not sure if that is still true during the summer, but you could look into it. And it's one of those children's museums that is still pretty entertaining for older kids/adults. Plus, it's inside and air conditioned which is pretty necessary for Texas summers.

Kemah Boardwalk (pretty much between Houston and Galveston) is a little bit more reasonable than other nearby boardwalk/amusement park places, so if you get a hankering for some theme rides, I'd go there. Also, at Kemah Boardwalk (which is free to get into) there's a place where you can pet and feed stingrays (there is a fee to get into that place, and you have to buy the little fish to feed the stingrays). Which is kind of a neat experience.

There's a Dr. Pepper Museum in Waco that's kind of neat.

My family has lived all over Texas, and I've spent a lot of time there visiting. If you have any specific questions about Houston, Waco, San Antonio, Galveston, Dallas, or any of the surrounding areas, feel free to ask. :)


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