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Jun 5, 2015

More Graduation Day

I was thinking that maybe I was a bit negative yesterday in my post about Princess's graduation. I didn't mean to be. Getting through 12 years of school is certainly worthy of a party at least! (Not to mention some decent pics that don't come from a cell phone.)

After graduation we headed to Mimi's Cafe for lunch. We hung out with Princess's boyfriend and his family and enjoyed our soup and sandwiches. It was a little strange to have a morning graduation ceremony. That left a huge gap in the day before Princess could really party.

She enjoyed spending time with her siblings. They baked banana bread and made a late night trip to Walmart for ingredients for Teach's birthday cake on Sunday.

A movie and much laughter later, her boyfriend showed up around 3:00 AM and they took a hike to Ensign Peak to watch the sunrise.

It was a cloudy, overcast morning with a storm coming in (hope that doesn't mean anything). At least for me, I'm looking forward to summer. Sport's team cleaned up at the baseball game last night, 20 - 9. Scout has her third tournament game tonight (as long as the weather holds), and several of us have assignments for the Countryfest parade tomorrow.

Will you help me pray for good weather? Just for tomorrow? Then it can go back to raining...


Anonymous said...

Princess looks like a royal princess indeed, congratulations to such a talented and lovely young lady...We need some rain, it will be in the high 90's for about 5 days in our area with humidity in that level too, miserable, loving the sunshine not so much the humidity, it is the pacific northwest and we don't get one without the other, the beaches are cool and lovely, we may have to go to the Washington coast to escape this heat and take our kitty cats to boot..it just will be sweltering indeed..Many garage sales in the area and for free, usually the newspaper prints them out for a nice big fee, but a annual neighborhood free garage sale, putting out a lawn mower that has given up the ghost after 14 years of good service and some chairs and some loveseats for free we will put small signs on them and voila some people will come by and take them off of our hands, if we put free on them then people would break into our home and steal the good stuff, ha no seriously we have two retired police ladies and men in our neighborhood they said to put a sign for sale and leave but they will be watching and our cross the street neighbor and voila they will be taken,to someone people who can repair the lawn mower and need the chairs and the love seats we have had crammed into our garage for a good long while..CONGRATS AGAIN TO PRINCESS MAY HER PATH BE FILLED WITH THE LOVE OF THE LORD AND LOTS OF JOY AND PEACE..!

LeAnn said...

I love the graduation pictures; they are awesome She looks so cute in cap and gown. The celebration sounded great. I don't know that I would take the hike to see the sunrise; however being as she had just graduated; it was probably an very fun thing to do.
Blessings and hugs for her and her future goals!


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