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Mar 11, 2017

Weekend, Anyone?

Sorry, I've been AWOL for a couple of days. The first day was on purpose. I've been trying to get Teach to write up something fun so I could legitimately put up all the cute baby pics I want. (She has SO many more!) I think I told you that every night around midnight she sends me a pic. This started when she was up in the hospital and the baby was awake at odd hours. Thank goodness they continued it when they got home.

My sweetie continues to slave away on the basement bathroom project. He grouted the shower and most of the other tile today. It will be nice when it is usable. Scout and Baby Doll had tons of fun with this giant box they turned into a fort.

Crafty is at a Youth Camp Leader retreat. Curly and Sport just finished up a baseball clinic tonight so they will be a little more prepared for the tryouts that start tomorrow morning.

So that is my weekend. That and helping the Dog Walker get back on track with a couple of classes where he has been struggling. And the cookies...

There are always the cookies, although we have now made most of our deliveries and Drama Queen assured me we have fewer than 500 boxes left...

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