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Mar 7, 2017

Another Baby?!

A most unlikely candidate had a baby today in our family... Sport!

He is taking a FACS class at school and that requires that he brings home a baby and takes care of it for 24 hours. Since this is middle school, it is not one of those high tech dolls with the bracelet and the microchip, but a simple baby doll like our own Baby Doll might carry around. I thought that might be a hard thing for a 13-year-old boy since we had tickets to the Jazz game last night, but I was wrong.

Sport loves babies and always has. He is so cute with our little Twizlet! He had the option of hiring Drama Queen to "watch" the baby since we were going downtown, and instead he opted to take her with us. His name of choice was Emma and he carefully cared for his "baby" at every turn.

The only time he got a little nervous was when we were actually walking from the car to our seats at the Arena. There were hundreds (thousands) of people in the crowd and he asked me to carry her. I did get a few looks since it was cold and she only had a light blanket. I cradled her like the real baby Sport wanted her to be. One lady looked so cross at me that I pointed out that she was a school project and I would never be out in that cold air with such a tiny one not adequately covered. Then she smiled and turned away.

We did get some looks, but the most interested one was from a tiny girl just down the row. She and her mom brushed past us heading to the restroom and she was so fascinated that I told her Emma was a school project. After they returned, she very politely came back over and asked if she could please hold the baby. Of course we couldn't refuse that sweet smile!

We checked with her every few minutes to make sure she was doing a good job and she was just so cute and careful. When her family was ready to leave after the 3rd quarter, Sport gave her a dollar for babysitting and she was totally ecstatic! Her dad stopped to thank me and told me that she loved babies and we just made her day.

It was a great experience for Sport. He played his trumpet for her while she was carefully propped up on pillows next to him and then read to her while he finished his homework.

He's going to be a fantastic dad someday.


Lucky Day said...

That is so sweet.

Marci said...

That is great!! Love that he paid the girl at the game for babysitting!

LeAnn said...

Wow, that was one of the best posts ever! I loved what Sport did. What a fun project and how brave for him to take the baby to the game. I loved the photo of that sweet little girl playing with the baby. This was a really endearing and fun post. Hugs for Sport!


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