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Mar 16, 2017

I Can't Be Three Places at Once

Contrary to popular opinion, I can't be three places at the same time.

Today my list was brutal. Wednesdays were bad before with the dance schedule because the kids have 45-minute classes, so I need to be at the studio at 4:00, 4:30, 4:45, 5:30, 6:15, and 7:00. Then after throwing in a generous helping of ball practice, it read like this.

4:00   Take Crafty and Baby Doll to the studio.
Make sure to take the Dog Walker and his car so we can run over to the mechanic and pick up my car. (This worked, but not perfectly. The Dog Walker took off for home so he could make my next run when the mechanic was taking longer to bill me out than I had hoped.)

4:30   Drop Curly at the studio (the Dog Walker did this one).
4:45   Pick up Baby Doll from the studio.
5:00   Drop Sport at baseball practice and stay for the parent meeting.
5:00   Drop Scout at softball practice (Dog Walker did this one, but he had to be to work at 6:00, so his help was over.)

Chick-fil-A was doing their kids' club from 5 - 7 and the kids love to go, but I was worried it would have to be discarded this time. We had already discarded Scout's tap class so she could practice her first night on the dirt.

5:35   Baby Doll and I rushed home from the parent meeting so she could change for dance.
5:40   Took Baby Doll to CFA Kids' Club
5:50   Arrived at CFA, did activities.
6:05   Left CFA, took Baby Doll to the studio.
6:16   Dropped Baby Doll at dance and picked up Curly

Curly was nervously tapping his toe. He had finished both of his dance classes and he needed to change before he had to be at baseball practice.Unfortunately, Baby Doll had only grabbed his baseball bag and left his pants and mitt that were sitting on top, so we had to swing by the house. Thankfully, it was on the way.

6:30   Dropped Curly at baseball practice, met his coach, arranged pick up time.
6:30   Drama Queen picked up Sport from practice, drove directly to the studio to pick up Crafty and Baby Doll. Dropped Sport at Young Men's.

6:36  Arrived at the softball fields 6 minutes late to pick up Scout. Realized we had forgotten to establish a meeting place and after 10 more minutes of searching first in my car and then on foot, I called her coach.

Thinking I had already picked up Scout, her coach immediately turned back around for the fields. A couple of minutes later and she was found and a plan was established just in case we had trouble again. Apparently driving around and around in circles is not a good answer.

Scout was as upset as I was, partially because we couldn't find each other and partly because now she would likely miss the CFA club. We decided to drive there anyway, hoping they were held a little past 7:00 by kids just finishing up.

7:02  The sweet ladies at CFA gave Scout everything, including her ice cream and a sundae for me. (Nice!)

7:15  Drove back to Curly's baseball practice to pick him up by 7:30. Seemed rather silly to go home at that point. Waited in front of the batting cages for him to finish. Turned the Tupperware training class I was missing on my phone so Scout and I could listen to the presentation. Promptly fell asleep.

8:00   Curly finally comes out to the car the second time Scout went in after him.

Drove home.

Season is just started and I need a break already...

1 comment:

LeAnn said...

Oh my, I thnk I would drop over after a day like this. I must send you a poem called "Girl In A Whirl Sometime". You are amazing! Please go on pause a little more often; I worry about you! Big hugs~


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