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Mar 24, 2017

A Big Step

Remember last summer when Crafty had her very first paid job playing the clarinet in the SLCC Marching Band? At the time she wasn't always so happy about getting up early in the summer and spending her holidays out in the hot sun.

Yesterday all that work paid off when she bought her very own computer with that hard-earned money. She is super excited to no longer have to wait in line for her turn at the family computer to sweat over her homework.

Not only is this a big step for her, it is a huge step for us! We have never allowed any of our children to purchase/have their own computer before they became adults. It has just been a rule. But now that they have phones and tablets, it seems that they have access to everything anyway, so this just makes everyone's life a bit easier.

Crafty is an amazing girl and I trust her completely or I would not have allowed this purchase, but still, I want to be a good parent. What kind of rules do you have for your kids with their devices? Should I set up a lockout time or restrict her hours in some way?

Need some advice here.


Vera Nunley said...

I'd just let her enjoy it. You'll figure out when you don't want it around as you go.

Lucky Day said...

Our kids are younger and don't have phones or tablets. I think you're smart to be careful with their access to online material. A laptop is a really useful tool for kids in HS+. I'd have rules about having them use the laptop where everyone can see the screen. My son has a computer issued by his school and it only allows him to access sites that are not blocked. So that's nice, but you can still find bad sites that nobody thought to block. Our main rules are to limit the hours of use and make sure the screen is publicly visible, like by me from the kitchen.


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