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Mar 3, 2017

Wax Museum

Every year at our elementary school the 3rd graders get to participate in the Wax Museum. They choose a famous person who changed the world in some way, research, write a paper, a speech, and make a trifold. Curly chose Jackie Robinson.

It was after he received approval that he realized there was no way he could make himself be black in any sort of politically correct way. That's when he decided to get creative. He asked Twiz to be his Jackie Robinson and he morphed his own character into Branch Rickey, the general manager for the Brooklyn Dodgers who drafted Jackie as the first black man in major league baseball.

Curly took his preparations seriously. We watched 42 and the Jackie Robinson Story. We read the biography and we ordered baseball gear from Amazon.

This morning was the big day. Curly was up early and dressed in his suit. He had to go to school at the regular time. Twiz and I were to show up just before 9:00. Walking into the building was so fun. I heard "Hey, look, it's Jackie Robinson!" a couple of times. Twiz just smiled and kept in character.

He did a fabulous job! These guys that have married my daughters are so amazing. Down in Utah County, Princess's hubby took Sport to work with him today for the Job Shadow project. And Bossy's sweetie just received a job offer that will keep him closer to home with better pay. We are just so blessed.

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LeAnn said...

Congratulations to Curly, it looks like he did such a fantastic job on his assignment. You do have some great son in law's that help so much. I loved hearing about your blessings. Hugs for all!


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