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Mar 5, 2017

Another Saturday

Today was another one of those crazy Saturdays with kids running all directions. Crafty was with the Youth City Council all morning, and Sport, Bean Dip, and Taco were at a church activity. Gamer drove to Ogden to deliver a new phone to Prima Donna while six little kids, Bossy, Drama Queen and I went to Home Depot for their kids class and to deliver cookies.

That was only the beginning of our deliveries for the day. The last one was at about 8:00 for my dear blog friend, LeAnn. Crafty was at the dance studio for 4 hours today working on some choreography for her school dance class. Sport and The Frog went skiing this afternoon and Sport passed off the Snow Sports merit badge. So happy to see him earn one more!

My sweetie finished the tile in our new bathroom today and it is now ready to grout! He has done an amazing job and it's probably time to share more pics with you. After cleaning up a bit, he and I went to Sam's Club and got some groceries. Did I tell you Bossy is working there now as a cake decorator? She really seems to enjoy her job; less stressful than being a social worker and it pays almost as much. Gamer's job at Sam's Club is now official and he starts on Tuesday.

Crafty is a kid magnet... aren't they cute?!

When we got home from Sam's, Teach and Twiz brought our cute baby granddaughter over so everyone could hold her. I was looking forward to a little earlier bedtime tonight, but at least I can sleep in tomorrow.

1 comment:

LeAnn said...

Love the sweet photo of your daughter and her precious new baby. I can just imagine the fights over who get's to hold her next.
Another busy day for you dear friend. I loved being able to see you for a moment and the cookies are so yummy. I can't stay out of them.
I enjoy your daily updates so much; you have a fascinating life for sure! Big hugs!


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