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Aug 19, 2015

Wilton Cupcake Contest

Remember last year when Princess was so excited about her first opportunity to enter some of her yummy baked goods in the Salt Lake County Fair? Well, this year she was even more determined to win.

But like all great plans, she decided to modify hers. As the big day approached to turn in her cupcakes, she started running ideas around her brothers and sisters. Next thing you know, they are all excited to enter the contest. That's right, Princess created her own competition. She and all of her younger brothers and sisters spent the better part of Friday evening in the kitchen.

Baby Doll won 2nd Place

Curly tied for 3rd place

He tied with Scout.

Sport earned a participation ribbon.

Crafty won first place with her summer-themed cupcakes.

Prima Donna won 3rd in the adult division with her Pony cakes.

Princess's Utah-themed cupcakes earned a high blue and the Judges' Choice award.

But most importantly, they all had fun working on something together.


Denise said...


Marci said...

I love that they all decorated cupcakes! You have some great kiddos! Congratulations to all of them for their ribbons!


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