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Aug 16, 2015

Guest Blog: Boy Scout Photo Shoot by Bossy

Do you remember back in June when Mom mentioned a blip on taking Sport, Curly, Taco, and Burrito to a casting call for a photo shoot in the middle of a crazy busy day? Well, Taco was chosen to be a part of it and we have been waiting for the pictures to launch. We were so blessed to be given access to download as many of the unwatermarked photos from the shoot as we wanted so Mom asked me to write a guest post and share them with you.

Taco was super excited, he actually had to miss a couple of days of school to participate. He was paid by being allowed to keep his gear from the shoot, fed lunch, and given a bag of goodies. I was very grateful for the free khaki uniform since he will become a Boy Scout in November and it was a huge blessing not to have to buy him a uniform. Also his new shorts are super neat.

The first day they went to a little green space in downtown Salt Lake called Gallivan Plaza and they played games. Taco thought it was strange that they cheered even when a scout missed the bean bag toss and horseshoes.

I was lucky and scheduled a job interview during the time of the shoot, so I checked him in and went to it and then came back. When I was observing him I noticed that Taco was much more athletic than some of the other boys, and he was a leader, teaching the younger boys how to throw and aim. I later found out that Taco was the only real Cub Scout and the rest of the boys were professional models. At the end of the shoot they had them run through a fountain to cool off.

The second day of the shoot we got to go to Camp Tracy. I was so glad that Taco was able to go up there this year because our pack opted to do their own camp so he wouldn't have had the opportunity without being selected for this. It was so much fun being in the mountains watching him educate the group on poisonous plants and kiebos (outhouses).

Because he was the only scout, I was the only scout parent, so I spent the better part of the morning educating the camera crew on patch placement and how to tie a neckerchief. But it was well spent because I think these photos are amazing. You can also see them at www.beascout.org and on the Cub Scout Facebook Page.

One thing I noticed flipping through the nearly 900 images is that Taco was genuine. The professional model kids knew how to angle to the camera and smile and pose, but Taco knew how to be a scout.  The adults (professional models) told me how helpful and kind he was and how enjoyable he was to be around. He taught them a lot about the scouting program.  


Denise said...

awesome post.

Marci said...

What a cool opportunity! What great photos, and awesome that you were able to help with the scout side of things! Congratulations, Taco!

LeAnn said...

This does look like a great shoot and I loved the photos. This was a great read! Hugs~


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