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Aug 22, 2015

Curly's Friend Party

Curly has been looking forward to his friend party all year. Right up until it was time to hand out invitations and then he wasn't sure.

It's scary inviting people over!

He was having a super-fun party. My sweetie bought a large piece of plastic and the kids used it as a slip 'n slide. He also set up sprinklers under the trampoline and girls made nearly 300 water balloons that were covered with a blanket until it was time to show them to the kids.

They had a great time as planned, throwing them at each other and scattering tiny pieces of latex all over the lawn. They also had a huge water fight and a rousing game of basketball. We had 17 children there and after an hour of water play, we settled down to Creamies and presents.

The girls passed around cupcakes and party favors and some of the kids headed back to the slip'n slide. It was well after 4:00 and Curly had to get ready for football before we had the last of the kids leave. I think they all had fun. We only had 2 bloody noses and no permanent damage...


Denise said...

fun times.

LeAnn said...

Oh my gosh, you should get mother of the year for this one alone. I can't even imagine the chaos on this one. Huge hugs for this fun event~


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