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Aug 27, 2015

Crafty's Experiments

I'm pretty sure I told you Crafty was taking a year's worth of Earth Science this summer as a special project for one of her Honors classes. She has had some crazy experiments including this one where she tried to show the Greenhouse Effect by melting wax in a glass container vs. just outside in the heat.

The container definitely got hotter!

I was fine with that one although some of them have cost me money, like the one where she had to have white carnations so she could dye them colors with water and food coloring. Or the one where she needed some other flowers so she could basically kill them...

Not that I'm complaining, I know school is expensive and since she is taking it from the Electronic High School, there were no costs for tuition.

But honestly, I had to draw the line on this one. It was called Wormology and after I purchased a dozen healthy nightcrawlers at Marketplace, I took myself out of the project. And I was a little offended when they were analyzing each one at my kitchen table.

I never used to be bothered by nightcrawlers. My brother and I had a healthy business when we were kids, pulling them at night and selling them as fishbait to the neighbors. I wasn't quite so squeamish then.

I am happy to report that as soon as she was finished, I handed the whole cup of them to Gamer so he could go fishing and then I went to the sink to scrub.


LeAnn said...

I used to put my own worms on the hook; but I don't think I want to do it again. I think I would have just hid in my bedroom during this experiment. Hugs~

Cindy said...

Ewww. I don't mind them in the garden, but not on my kitchen table! No thank you!

Denise said...

very cool


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