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Aug 24, 2015

Stake Hoe Down

Can I just say we belong to the most amazing church on the planet?!

They have such fun activities for us and it is crazy to believe that they are all done by volunteers and they don't charge us anything to attend. It's our Stake Conference weekend, so our stake had a huge Hoe Down on Friday night.

They transformed our little ole bowery you have seen a hundred times in my pictures to look like a trading post with a facade and hay bales and real instruments. There were games and bounce houses set up for the kids (which is where they won all these silly mustaches). We were served pulled pork sandwiches, beans, coleslaw, watermelon, chips, and a large choice of desserts.

You know my neighbor, Steve James, has tons of friends and he always gets us fabulous entertainment. This year we had Carmen Rasmussen Herbert from American Idol and the banjo player from the Rubberband.

These parties are huge! This year they probably served nearly 1000 people, yet everyone I saw was kind and helpful, just enjoying the evening with friends and neighbors.

We are definitely having fun, don't you think?!


Denise said...

definitely fun my friend.

LeAnn said...

wow, that did look like a great Stake party. We have a picnic each year that is like this and I always enjoy it.
Thanks for sharing the fun! Hugs~


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