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Aug 1, 2015


Crafty and Curly at the Zoo
Baby Doll at the Museum
It was a crazy busy day in Houston! We started our morning by gathering up and checking out of the hotel. I still had one more batch of laundry to dry, so we were waiting on that before we could hit the road.

Our first stop was the Downtown Aquarium. It was part of our City Passes and the kids didn't want to miss it even though we had it scheduled for earlier in the week.

They loved petting the stingrays and feeding them little fish. Then we went inside the actual aquarium. There were so many fun things to see! I think our favorite part was watching Baby Doll and Curly climb through a tube inside the aquarium. They even did it twice!

Scout, Crafty and Baby Doll at the Museum
After we left the Aquarium, we made our way to Houston Zoo. It was way bigger than we were thinking it would be. The animals were spread out and it was in the heat of the day. Prima Donna was struggling with her knee scooter. Many of the walkways were not that friendly for her. She still struggles with cobblestones and wooden walks.

Baby Doll and Curly at the Aquarium
Baby Doll and Scout at the Zoo
I enjoyed the elephants. My sweetie wanted the kids to see the komodo dragon and Baby Doll wanted to see the tiger. They had a white tiger in the Aquarium and she batted her big brown eyes at daddy and got a little stuffed tiger from the gift shop. It's been traveling with her all day.

Baby Doll at the Aquarium
Monkeys are always a favorite and the only thing we missed that I love to see were the giraffes. But the kids were so hungry. It was after 3:00 and we were so busy sight-seeing we hadn't fed them any lunch. We drove over to the Natural Science Museum of Houston and ate at McDonald's inside the building. Then we cashed our last set of passes and entered the museum. We only had an hour to see everything, and we made a valiant effort.

The dinosaurs were fun, but since we had just been to the Natural History Museum in Utah, we decided to go upstairs to see the Egypt exhibit. The girls were pretty upset by the real mummy. Scout just kept saying that it couldn't be a real person...

Prima Donna, Sport, Daylen at the Aquarium
Food at the museum
Then we still had 10 minutes so we slipped into the Incas exhibit and looked at the ancient Indian culture. I wish we would have had more time at the museum. We could have spent the entire day there and been perfectly happy.

Ahhhh! (Crafty and Scout)
On the road again; we drove about 3 hours to San Antonio. It's after midnight now and we are trying to get everyone to settle for bed. We want to visit the Alamo before church tomorrow and then we will be off to Austin for the afternoon.

It's so fun to visit new places and watch our children discover things together. That's what families are all about.


Denise said...

nice post.

Cindy said...

Our family loves to travel and see new places together! Glad you're having a great time!


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