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Aug 17, 2015

Happy Birthday, Curly!

Drama Queen made him this beautiful picture.
My sweet little guy has been so patient this week! He turned 7 on Wednesday and I let him open two gifts, a box of crayons from us and a giant coloring book from Dog Walker. Other than that, he has mostly waited until today when his grandpa and all of his brothers and sisters could be here. As an added bonus we also got Little Sis and her family to join us for dinner and cake.

He has always been a fan of Cars, so when I was able to buy the Planes 2 vehicles so cheap, we decided to put some of them on his cake and let him open the rest of them. We also bought him the movie and the kids watched it after dinner. It was a real hit!
He was such a grateful boy (as you already know about him) and he hugged and thanked everyone as gifts were given. He was super excited about his new jacket (how many 7-year-olds have to show everyone how soft the lining is?) and his very own football.

His one request was that he wanted Oreos on his cake, so we crushed them up and made them look like dirt and the little bulldozers were spreading them all over. I thought it was pretty cute and he was happy. We didn't want a huge lump of frosting, so we put an upside down cupcake as the hill and then frosted over it.

Then all the kids wanted that extra tall piece of cake, but of course we gave most of it to the birthday boy.

Happy birthday, Curly! 


Denise said...

happy, happy birthday to your dear one.

LeAnn said...

I can tell that dear boy had a great birthday party. I loved the pictures and he looks so adorable and happy. I did like the cake a lot; good job. Blessings and hugs!


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