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Aug 15, 2015

Another Busy Week

It's been crazy around here trying to get back in the swing of things. The boys started football and that means practices pretty much six days a week until the games start. The girls have had dance workshops. Crafty has danced as much as 7 hours a day!

Sport had his Board of Review for Scouts so he can get a couple of rank advancements at the Court of Honor on the 30th. No time to run home for his Scout shirt. He had to go straight from practice.

We had two swim parties, one for my Activity Days girls, and one today for the Girl Scout troop. We celebrated Drama Queen's birthday on Sunday and Curly's was Wednesday so we are prepping for his big party on Sunday with the family. He wants a friend party too, but he doesn't start school until Monday, so that one is still up in the air.

We did dentist appointments, eye doctor appointments, and haircuts, as well as a doctor's appointment for Prima Donna and her first day of physical therapy. The Dog Walker washed up all the laundry from the trip, but we had a giant folding party to get it all out of the family room.

My dear friend, Astrid, and I made a trip to the temple yesterday. Honestly, I'm not sure how it fit into my schedule, but the Lord truly does provide and I didn't even miss those 3 hours.

Everything keeps breaking. We had the Dog Walker's car in the shop, then the big van (because we broke the side door on vacation and it wouldn't open). And today Drama Queen had a flat tire and they used the air compressor to pump it up but it went flat about half way to the tire store. The owner of the store came to their rescue, but it will be tomorrow before we can see what she will have to do for the repair. The lawnmower broke and is in the shop, my sweetie's bike derailer broke so his bike spent a couple of days in the shop, and now our fridge is acting up... it's really quite a list!

Then I already told you about the County Fair, and tonight we went to the City Safety Fair. The kids got candy and school supplies, frisbees and stuffed animals. It was fun! I love the pic of Baby Doll and Curly in the old fashioned fire truck and Curly was super excited to actually hit the target in the BB shooting range.

This is the first year they haven't given out free hot dogs and chips at the fair and I have to confess I brought the kids home and we ate cold cereal for dinner. Then my sweetie and I made a lengthy trip to the grocery store before putting in my Tupperware order. Bossy's boys wanted to play football so they have been doing a fundraiser to come up with the registration fees.

Tomorrow I have a big training meeting for the fall selling season for my Tupperware business and I have to do a mini-presentation on fundraising. (I wonder why she asked me to do that???) The boys have jersey fittings for football and practice, Baby Doll has a birthday party in the afternoon and Crafty has one in the evening. It's our Girl Scouts Awards Picnic and I'm just not very prepared for it yet except that I did buy all the food at the store tonight, but there are a lot of hours between now and 6:30 tomorrow...


Denise said...

busy little bees.

Marci said...

Wow! So many things going on! I hope all the broken things can be easy fixes! We keep discovering new things we need to buy for our house and stuff all adds up so quickly!

LeAnn said...

Oh my gosh; I am so tried after reading this one. You are a miracle worker and I don't know how you do it all. I hope you get some down time here and there. Hugs for you all~


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