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May 22, 2015

Pouring the Floor

My living room
My life is in an upheaval! My sweetie said we absolutely couldn't go another year without refinishing our hardwood floors.We didn't do it last year because he was working nonstop, but this year his company has a forced holiday where no one can work the entire weekend, so what does my sweetie do?

Find something to work on...

Anyway, Bossy and her boys have been sanding and prepping for us all week and my sweetie poured a few trouble spots last night, but today is the real pour when he completely covers all the hardwood with the new finish.

I will be glad when it is over! We can't step on it for 72 hours so that means no kitchen at all for me. We moved the kitchen table into the family room.

The Dog Walker posted signs everywhere so the kids would remember. He is very serious about everything.

Wish us much success in surviving this one. If you don't hear from me for a day or two you will know why, but I promise to post pics of my new floor in a few days.

When I can walk on it again.


Anonymous said...

You cook a lot with the amount of children and family you have, hoping you are able to get it done as they say with a minimum of grief, we got our new windows, insulation, new door and everything starting tomorrow, we will be in and out of our home and staying in the back yard, it is hot here so no problem, the fellow and lady who are doing the entire operations will work long and hard, we hope it will not be any grief, we only waited and saved for nearly 37 years and it will make our home cool in the drought and warm when and if we ever get some rain again in the pacific northwest, you are fortunate your hubs can do a lot and your children our cost was kept down as we helped to remove all the windows and patio door and front door, we put up sheets and the kitteh cats are at the vets office and we are camping in the yard we have we are oky, doky, I say be grateful for many many blessings, your electric bill would have prevented us from ever buying a home we have electric in the ceiling not any more but our mtg payment was tiny compared to your watt bills..oh, my goodness sakes alive, ciao!

LeAnn said...

Wow, that is one huge project and to not be able to use the kitchen that doesn't sound good at all. However, once it is done you will be so happy. Knowing you all will be well and you will have fun over the 72 hour wait. I will look forward to the pictures when it is completed.


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