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May 7, 2015

It's Raining, It's Pouring

Sport and Curly both had baseball games today. We had a 40% chance of scattered rain showers and Scout's softball practice was cancelled so we kept watching the announcements to see if the boys' games would cancel.

They didn't.

Not that I'm complaining. We certainly need the moisture! So Curly, Sport, and I headed for the ballpark at 5:15. It was cool outside, but we hadn't seen much rain for a couple of hours. Curly's game was first and he played so well tonight! He hit a double the first time he was at bat and a triple the second time. He was playing shortstop and he tagged out the runner at 2nd. His team ended up with the win, 5 - 4.

We left his field and walked the hundred yards to where Sport was supposed to play. The other game was still going on, so we sat down to watch the last inning. As we waited, the sky got progressively darker. Curly and I shivered in a blanket and waited for the game to start.

Finally Sport's team took the field. He was on the pitcher's mound warming up when the officials started talking about the weather. Thirty seconds later they pulled the boys off the field and had them wait in the dugout. Curly and I gathered up our stuff and headed for the snack shack and its protruding ledge that would protect us from the upcoming storm.

We pressed our backs against the wall and watched hail pound the ground followed by huge drops of rain. Within minutes there was standing water on the fields and people huddled everywhere trying to stay dry. Two minutes later, the lead official sent everyone home.

I tucked both scorebooks in my jacket, grabbed Curly's hand and we made a run for it. Sport caught up with us as we hoofed it around the dugout. By the time we made it to the van we were all soaked. It took us another 10 minutes to make our way out of the crowded park as the rain pounded down. At least the hail was gone...

When we finally got home, I was so cold and wet that I had to strip down and take a shower. At least that water was warm.


Bossy said...

Burrito's game started already, we played 3 innings before the lightening was "close enough" to wait in the dug outs at 7:30. The rain and lightening got mu check worse but the ump insisted we had to wait out 15 minutes bore we could call it. The coaches finally convinced him it would be too dark to play on the unlit Glenmore field after the wait was over. Gamer had picked up Fajita and brought me the van and they decided to walk home before the rain. They got about 3 of the 10 blocks before the rain hit. By the time we got in the car, they were almost home when we found them. Thankful I sent Taco with his house key and asked his coach to bring him home if practice ended early.

Anonymous said...

Why do those coaches insist upon a game with lightning and rain and hail, not very smart in my opinion..Lightning kills many each year and no one wants to get drenched when the coach finally calls the game..Is the coach thinking at all? Good you got a warm shower and for Bossy's family I might consider another sport and another coach?!!!!!!!!!

LeAnn said...

Oh, you do have adventures. I actually grew up with baseball. My Dad was a town coach for years and taught the young groups too. I heard baseball morning noon and night and played under the bleachers a lot.
I love baseball. I had one son that loved to play and he was really good. He was good at soccer too so that finally won his heart.
I always loved to play church softball and was fairly good.
Sorry, about the rainstorm but at least they called it. It was quite the storm and we are grateful to be getting the moisture.
Blessings and hugs!


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