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May 8, 2015

Graduation Day!

Such a beautiful, glorious day! It was graduation day for the Dog Walker and Princess. Dog Walker had to be at the Maverick Center at 2:00 to practice and Princess didn't have to be there until 3:30. My sweetie, Grandpa, Drama Queen, Princess's boyfriend, and I found seats in the 2nd row.

They announced 3700 graduates, but it looked like only about 700 of them showed up to walk. Princess graduated in General Studies and it was by far the biggest group. The Dog Walker was one of the elite Graduates of Excellence, so he got to carry the banner for the College of Humanities and Social Studies.

The ceremony itself took about an hour and then it took another hour for all the graduates to cross the stage.

I'm trying to get a real copy of the Dog Walker's video so I can share it with you. In his video he held up his merit badge sash and the whole audience broke into spontaneous applause. His video was the first one that really received thunderous clapping.

I was just so proud of both of them! They have worked so hard and they were so happy. It's days like this that make all the hard parenting days worth it.


Anonymous said...

Congartulations to your son and daughter Dog Walker and Princess..How proud you are of your son for his high excellence and educational achievements and how proud you are of your daughter Princess for her high level of excellence and achievement too..It is truly because of you and your husband and your efforts that your children achieve so very much, academically and in life also..Congratulations to you, you have graduations very early in your town, the Washington state university has their graduation Saturday here in Vancouver for many graduates it only took about 50 years to get the WSU campus built and it is huge and wonderful enabling many people to get their bachelors and masters and doctorates without having to go to Pullman and or to Seattle to the University of Washington, big write up in our local newspaper, I think it is easier for children in Utah whereby most get their high school diploma and their aa degree when they are 18 years old, we have had running start for many years now but economic factors prevent kids from poorer families to participate until now the governor signed a law that will make it much easier for high school students to go to the junior college and get their aa degree and to be able to finish up at the WSU campus here..AGAIN CONGRATULATIONS TO YOUR CHILDREN AND GOD'S CONTINUED BLESSINGS~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marci said...

Congratulations to Dog Walker and Princess! So proud of them both! We move into our house tomorrow, wish I could say more about how proud I am of them!

LeAnn said...

Congratulations to those two awesome kids of yours. I think they are just such a good example. I am happy that Dog Walker was recognized; he is such a wonderful young man.
Hugs for all!
Have a Wonderful Mother's day! You should get a huge award for all you do as a mother.

Natalie Ockey said...

Congrats to them both. That is awesome!


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