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May 9, 2015

Curly's Mothers' Day Program

So many exciting things going on! I think I have enough material to post every day for a week, so I am just going to choose the first thing that happened today after the kids got off to school.

Curly's first grade class had a Mothers' Day program in their classroom. It started at 9:15, but I got there early enough to be on the first row, almost directly in front of him. I was so happy to get such a great view. They started off with a video and then the kids sang songs for us. Each song was accompanied by cute actions, but my favorite was "My Mom." It was "My Girl" modified to be appropriate to moms.

Then they showed another slide presentation with each child in the class holding a sign. So cute! We were served water and cake and given a hand-drawn picture of ourselves with our best qualities all spelled out. Curly was so excited to tell me that I was the best at basketball! I wonder if any of the other kids said that about their moms?

1 comment:

LeAnn said...

OH, those precious Mother's day programs. This looked like a great one. I think it is awesome to be noted as the best in Basketball.
Wishing for you a marvelous Mother's day celebration.


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