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May 20, 2015

3rd Grade Art Show

Yesterday Scout brought home an invitation for her Art Show at the elementary school. She was super excited about it and asked me and her dad half a dozen times if we were planning to go. Thank goodness my dentist called and asked to move up my appointment from noon to 10:30 since the art show started at 1:00 and went until 3:00.

My sweetie even came home from work so he could attend and we showed up at the school just before the singing part started at 2:00. We only waited for a few minutes before the children all filed in and took their places on the steps to the stage.

They sang several rousing songs and as you can tell from the pics, Scout was really enjoying herself. When the musical part was over, the kids were excused first so they could be prepared for the last half hour of Art Show visitors.

We finally made our way back to Scout's classroom, scanning each work of art hanging on the walls so we didn't miss any of her creativity. Turns out we should have looked at the table too. After we had suitably admired her works of art, she informed us that we had missed the pottery exhibit. She had made an awesome little pinch pot and it was good enough to go on the table in the hall.

She is a great little artist! I'm sure it is a skill she could cultivate if she really wanted to learn more about the arts, but I'm pretty sure she would rather play softball.

1 comment:

LeAnn said...

I think she is a little artist. Maybe she can do softball and art work.
Loved the pictures and she is just adorable.


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