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May 14, 2015

Guest Blogger: Almost an R.M. by Elder Dog Walker

It's been a long time since I got to tell you a lot about the mission. The mission is going very successful as all of you are hoping that it would be. A testimony is starting to build up. The seminary children really like it when I come to help them out with the Gospel and so are the teachers who like it when I help them out, along with other fellow missionaries. It's been a big challenge of me to serve a mission to Special Need children, but it has helped me a lot. It helped me to know that I can become a Special Ed teacher for children with disabilities. Even though some of the mission was challenging, it was still worthwhile, especially when being called to do splits with the full-time missionaries who serve in each family's home. That was one thing that I learned about being a missionary. For being a Church Service missionary, you can always help with full-time missionaries and I also learned that when you're helping out at a seminary, you can always relearn the education you may have missed when you were a child/teenager.

Serving this mission has been a blessing for me and it was also a blessing with a persuasion from the Holy Ghost telling me to extend the mission, so that I can serve more until my release from the mission. It's going to be a sad moment that I won't be able to keep on serving the mission for eternity, but I can learn that it is a blessing to remember and it can be taught to my future children and spouse. I've also learned that even when you're a church service missionary, it's hard to get along with your siblings, especially some who are snarky. It's important to act more like a missionary by being calm and kind to others, even if they're being mean to you, just like Jesus Christ did with the people who mocked and hated  Him, but He never did the same thing to them, because He loved them. That's a thing to remember about being a missionary, you should love people, even your enemies. I often struggle with that, but it's something I need to remember.

I only have two weeks left of my mission and I feel kind of nervous of ending it, but at least in the last week of June, I will guest blog about my whole talk for the Returned Missionary report. I hope you all loved this and are looking forward to my R.M. Report. :)

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LeAnn said...

I have love following your posts about your mission. I think you served an awesome mission and I know you have touched many lives. I can tell you have grown a lot from your missionary service. You are a marvelous young man. Blessings for you!


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