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May 18, 2015

Guest Blog: Being Wattsmart by Drama Queen

Do you bloggers ever think about how much electricity our family uses?  Think about it.  Just for a second.  Try to guess how much power goes into running our home with its multitude of residents, three commercial size freezers, an AC that is constantly being turned up and down, and more electronics in it than a modest Best Buy after closing on a Black Friday... 

Yeah.  It's kind of ridiculous.

"Pleeeeease vote for us?"
And since our dear house has managed to stand by us for twenty years so far, it's starting to show its age in slowly waning energy efficiency.  Yesterday I was flipping through my parent's stack of utility bills..its average is higher than rent in some of the places I've lived. 

Why am I discussing all this?  Well, about a month ago Bossy told me that Rocky Mountain Power was doing a video contest about energy efficiency and being WattSmart.  The grand prize?  $10,000 in home repairs to increase energy efficiency!!!  I know! 

So what was the first thing I did?  Come up with a brilliant idea and then promptly forget to do anything about it until the day before entries were due.  Luckily, my fam is great at pitching in to help a last-minute procrastinator and I got it in and approved with a few hours to spare. 

Although there is no way to predict where the grand prize will go, they are having a People's Choice Award for $2,000.  I know that would be so helpful for our family, so please take just a few minutes and hop over to vote for our entry.  (It's pretty cute and you can have a heart attack at some of our actual power bills that make appearances...)  They will ask you to make an account.  That's just to keep people from skewing the votes by entering a million times for their own movie. 

Thank you guys so much!  You are the BEST!!! 

Click Me!  Click Me!  I'm the link to our entry.  :)


Anonymous said...

Your bills for electricity are more than our mortgage payments on our tiny house was for the amt of time 16 years we paid on it and paid it off..I got a rebate from our PUD because we pay monthly and they assessed in all the years we have had our home on the monthly plan we overpaid a lot, of course I jammed up my brand new disposal and had to pay a plumber to come the day after Mother's day to get it unjammed he also did our bathtub, shower drain and my sink in our bedroom for free, it took all of the rebate we got from the PUD but since we have lived here 37 years soon never had to call a plumber cause I was extra careful..We have only one child and we entertained all the kids from huge families her friends like 10 in a family in the same size home, stacked in each of the 3 bedrrroms mile high, but they were extremely smart kids, loving families and of your faith and wonderful parents and human beings, it is not the size of the family but the FAITH OF THE FAMILY AND THE LOVE OF EACH OTHER..hope you win the contest, it could help you a lot and keep you all warm in the winter(s) and cool in the summer for a fraction of bills, we are getting for my 41st wedding anniversary, new windows, new door and storm window, insulation and new carpet I feel like a million dollars in my 1205 sq ft. home, it is a home only but a real home is the people and faith that reside and we are grateful grateful and more grateful, neither my parents or my hubs parents ever owned a home..so we are blessed enormously by this tiny home, we did live in the real west colorful Colorado for 6 years in a tri-level brick and gas home before we had our only child but I did not want others to raise our only child they would not love and care for like her Momma and Daddy, things are not important in our lives, HUMANS & the LOVE OF GOD ARE! Praying you will win something! ciao!

Anonymous said...

The reason for the rebate, huge heat here already, big big drought in Washington state, warmest weather since 1978 when we came from Colorado where it was blistering hot tooooo! so the rebate went to households who held their costs down and paid monthly, it was used up with my sink exploding the day before Mother's day, the window are on their way, paid for I might add, the carpet too, insulation is starting and the front door and storm door to we are over the moon, we saved it seemed forever and got huge discounts, the rug has to air out so we will cmap in our side yard it is so hot it will be easy to do and use the kitchen for our food preps..Your family enters and wins a lot of contests, maybe the Lord will see fit for you to win this contest and upgrade your lovely home..ciao

LeAnn said...

Way to go I think that is so awesome that you are doing this project to help your family bills and etc. I will so pray that you will win.
Hugs for this one~


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